DC Comics For New Readers

Oh DC! Marvel may be my first love but there is just something about the DC Universe that is special. It is grand, it is epic, it is a living organism where fiction bleeds into reality. It is home to your standard superhero fare while also housing a giant, sweeping mind altering meta-narrative fiction that reflects the evolving form of comic books. It is also the home to some of comic book’s most well known and iconic heroes.

The New 52

This is the place to start for newer readers. The New 52 happened in 2011 and was part of a big push by DC to not only give new life to their flagship character and franchises. But most importantly to bring mainstream comic books forward into the Digital Age. Starting with the New 52 DC went day and date with selling their books via digital platforms. This was a huge step that ruffled many feathers and angered many a grump comic store owner. Still from it has sprung a wide array of books being read by a diverse and growing market online.

The New 52 gets a lot of flack for the changes it made to DC’s characters and rehashing of famous storylines. Thankfully a lot of the hate is unwarranted and there are some truly great comic books that have come out over the past four years of the initiative. Here is what you need to read to get started with modern DC Comics.

  • Action Comics #1-18 (Grant Morrison, Rags Morales et al) – ComiXology 
  • Superman #32-39 (Geoff Johns, John Romita Jr.) – ComiXology
  • Batman (all of it)
  • Wonder Woman (azz)
  • The Flash (first half)
  • Aquaman (Geoff’s Johns)
  • Justice League
  • Forever Evil
  • Grayson
  • Batgirl of Burnside

DC You

This is DC’s latest push to refresh their line up and to give a jumping on point for new readers.

Justice League

Superman: Red Son
Superman: Birthright
Kingdom Come
All-Star Superman
The Dark Knight Returns
Batman Year One
Wonder Woman (george Perez)
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Infinite Crisis

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