Never Change Pokémon, Never Change

*Talks to the Gym Advice Guy*

*Checks the sign next to the Gym Advice Guy*

Sorry/Not Sorry for the crappy pics taken with my phone!

Pokémon X – Review

It may have taken me over two years but I finished the main story of Pokémon X! I still don’t quite understand why it has taken me so long to achieve this. Whenever I play, I go really deep into the game’s systems and become obsessed with min/maxing stats and seeing/doing everything. So you would think that would keep me glued to the game non-stop. Instead it has been periods of manic playing with intervals lasting many months between the peak times.

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Detective Pikachu!

Three things about this game:

  1. This is an actual Pokemon game that is actually happening.
  2. I’m digging the Sherlock twist to the Pokemon music the trailer uses.
  3. I love Detective Pikachu’s hat and deep manly voice.

So yeah, please release this in the west Nintendo, please, please, pleeeeeease!